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Position Paper universities

What are your expectations represent universities and research institutions to a membership in the D-ELAN eV?

Clubs are not ends in themselves, but are established with specific objectives and expectations. The German network of e-learning actors (D-ELAN eV) is no exception. This position paper is intended to serve as a basis for discussion, which are conducted first within the group of universities and research institutions and to the SET-ment of this group D-ELAN eV to articulate.

BIBB study on distance learning

The study “Current trends in distance learning” edited an important spectrum of eLearning and relies on at least 152 completed questionnaires from distance learning institutes, which are listed in Eldoc and / or the ZFU. After 95 providers surveyed (62.5%) offer ( . also) network supported learning to Chapter 4 “aspects of quality development and assurance” is also the D-ELAN mentioned (footnote 13); the ZFU cuts among respondents expected good from (if you have already invested so much money and work …). The possibilities of Web 2.0 are estimated restrained by distance learning institutions (but still eg hold 40% of the responding institutions Wikis for an important future technology, podcasts come to 38%).

D-ELAN Board

Dr. Herbert Müller-Philipps-son, FDB Education Park GmbH

Studying economics and history at the Universities of Tübingen and Hamburg. Graduate economist.
PhD in Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart TH (Dr. Phil.).


D-ELAN core issues

Quality standards and certification
for 2005 expected D-ELAN, the introduction and dissemination of the first quality certificates, that the e-learning field buyers of products and service users a reliable decision support. These certificates are increasingly geared to the form and content of international quality standards. In D-ELAN especially the Committee of Experts will adopt “quality” of this issue. The contacts from the expert committee “International” will facilitate this co-ordinated action on the German range.

D-ELAN aims for 2005 increased international advocacy for its club members and will therefore participate in international conferences and pioneering meetings and strengthen cooperation and official liaisons with relevant organizations. The ILF Workshop “e-learning in development cooperation” kicks off this. The expert committee “International” will speak on “International e-Learning” continue these activities on a “D-ELAN locally”. Specific objectives are the development of the German USPs in the international e-learning market in a detailed position paper.



Purpose, tasks and objectives of D-ELAN are as follows:

Public Relations
D-ELAN contributes through its activities to form opinions on the subject of e-learning. Image building and promotion of the reputation and the use of e-learning are strongly supported by appropriate measures. The aim is to increase the acceptance of e-learning among potential users, policy makers and general public.

D-ELAN represents the interests and views of the members in national and international committees.

Promotion of quality and business excellence
goal of the association is the promotion and support of nationally and internationally recognized guidelines, models and standards for quality and business excellence in e-learning. Members undertake to customer-oriented mind to align with high quality products and services.



D-ELAN bundles and represents the diversity of stakeholder e-learning industry content areas, technology and service in Germany, there are a number of large, but also a growing number of small e-learning providers. A joint advocacy there was for this promising industry yet. Experts from the education sector and applied research, representatives of renowned IT companies and e-learning providers have teamed up in order to close this gap. The first highlight of these efforts was the D-ELAN under Learntec 2004. On this occasion, the association presented to the public for the first time.

The main task of this advocacy is the dialogue on the subject of e-learning between suppliers, buyers, politics, business and science more than ever to promote. Joint initiatives of suppliers and demanders will also seek to increase the acceptance of e-learning in public, at the planning managers in enterprises and ultimately for the learner. D-ELAN therefore taking shape as an open network for all professional eLearning stakeholders from business, public administration and science. For the further development of e-learning industry will be in the future with crucial to link the computerized learning with other key business processes. For this purpose, D-ELAN has already taken contact with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).