D-ELAN bundles and represents the diversity of stakeholder e-learning industry content areas, technology and service in Germany, there are a number of large, but also a growing number of small e-learning providers. A joint advocacy there was for this promising industry yet. Experts from the education sector and applied research, representatives of renowned IT companies and e-learning providers have teamed up in order to close this gap. The first highlight of these efforts was the D-ELAN under Learntec 2004. On this occasion, the association presented to the public for the first time.

The main task of this advocacy is the dialogue on the subject of e-learning between suppliers, buyers, politics, business and science more than ever to promote. Joint initiatives of suppliers and demanders will also seek to increase the acceptance of e-learning in public, at the planning managers in enterprises and ultimately for the learner. D-ELAN therefore taking shape as an open network for all professional eLearning stakeholders from business, public administration and science. For the further development of e-learning industry will be in the future with crucial to link the computerized learning with other key business processes. For this purpose, D-ELAN has already taken contact with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).