Purpose, tasks and objectives of D-ELAN are as follows:

Public Relations
D-ELAN contributes through its activities to form opinions on the subject of e-learning. Image building and promotion of the reputation and the use of e-learning are strongly supported by appropriate measures. The aim is to increase the acceptance of e-learning among potential users, policy makers and general public.

D-ELAN represents the interests and views of the members in national and international committees.

Promotion of quality and business excellence
goal of the association is the promotion and support of nationally and internationally recognized guidelines, models and standards for quality and business excellence in e-learning. Members undertake to customer-oriented mind to align with high quality products and services.

D-ELAN brings experts together to the key issues of e-learning and provides expertise ready. The association offers its expertise as a competent partner. He establishes technical committees or appoint members into existing specialized committees and bodies outside the Association. He acts in advisory boards in the evaluation and selection of projects in the field of e-learning with.

E-Learning Networking
D-ELAN offers by appropriate events (also in conjunction with established operators such LEARNTEC, Online Educa, etc.) provide a forum for the development of networks with companies, public agencies, research institutions, associations and individuals.

International connections
D-ELAN maintains partnerships and liaisons with international e-learning groupings, organizations and associations. It will aim for close cooperation and joint actions to strengthen e-learning. The association actively contributes through connections with international and particularly European organizations and bodies to strengthen the e-learning industry and trans-national projects.

The association offers its members a variety of services:

Information for club members
care of internal information exchange
platform for the exchange of experience
conducting events
to promote market transparency